Friday, September 25, 2009

Webcam with JavaFX

We need to agree that JavaFX has come a long way in less than a year since Sun released 1.0 in December of 2008.

Let's also agree that JavaFX is a Rich client end technology meant for multiple screens: Desktop, Handsets, TV and Cars. It is suppose to be bringing the same experience on these screens if written to common profile. Which is excellent.

However, it still misses key features like recording of audio or video, accessing of native devices right from within JavaFX. Yeah, you may say that hey you can JMF in Java to access webcam or other recording devices. But folks that doesn't serve the purpose. If I have to use Java then why do I need JavaFX. JFX is suppose to be making a developers life way more easier and that is the reason I love it.

So, please do not ask me to use JMF. This is what many of the JavaFX developers feel, not just me. Java and JavaFX with no access to devices leaves the Java (&FX) story half completed. I am looking for a scenario where I should be able to plugin any device in a category (say, a webcam from any manufacturer) and it should just work - shoudl be as simple as that for a user.

Hey Sun developers and decision makers. If you are reading this, please please put it on your P1 list.

Looking forward to device support in JFX, sooner.